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Are there any costs to advertise my service on this website?

No, all classified advertisements are free.

Can I run a classified listing for just a week?

Yes, you can select the time period that you want from 24 hours to 365 days.

How long will it take for my listing to appear once I submit it?

It can take up to 24hrs for your listing to be approved and made live.

My listing has not been accepted?

Possibly your listing includes explicit content or images that are not accepted for publishing under  our terms & conditions

How do I advertise on the site?

You need to register to be able to add your free listing.

What happens to my information once my lisitng expires?

Once your listing expires your listing is deleted.  If you would like to advertise again you will need to re do your listing.

I have a user account already?

Once a user account has been set up. You can use your login details to add a listing at any time.

What if I live outside of the major cities listed?

Unfortunately at this stage the website will only accept advertisers from the major cities listed.

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